Phase One of the EVE: War of Ascension beta is coming to a close!

Thanks to the commitment and effort of our community for providing us with an enormous amount of valuable data and feedback! Now that the beta is ending we’re applying all the things we’ve learned, making some exciting new additions and get ready for our global launch in 2019.

EVE: War of Ascension is an incredibly important game and we want to make sure we can improve and add enhanced features at the pace the EVE Community and players deserve.

We’re thrilled with the response to the game we’ve received from our players so far. We’ve been following all your in-game experiences on the starmap, which we’ll be using to elevate the game’s feature set over the coming months ahead of its official release next year. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to giving you a first look at our plans for the next phase of EVE: War of Ascension’s development on-stage at EVE Vegas in October. See you there!

Sam Barton, EVE: War of Ascension’s Producer at CCP Games

All participants in the first phase of launch will receive an exclusive “Founder’s Pack” on return to the game to thank them for their service. We’re also providing players with a full refunds for any purchases made. Regretfully, we expect that we will need to reset all accounts to align player experiences with the enhancement we plan to make before we re-launch the upgraded version of EVE: War of Ascension.

We will be working hard to complete development and bring EVE: War of Ascension to mobile in 2019. Submit your email address or follow us on social media to receive updates and news about the game as we continue to improve and develop EVE: War of Ascension.

We have provided a brief FAQ below with additional detail. If you have specific questions please get in touch.

– CCP, Kongregate & PlayRaven

Q: What does the end of Phase One mean?
A: EVE. War of Ascension is exceeding our expectations, however we will need to take the game down to work on exciting new features for the game.
Q: Will I be able to make purchases within EVE: War of Ascension?
A: We will be disabling the ability purchase on September 24th. This is to prepare for the game to be taken down on September 28th and to start the refund process for purchases already made. You may continue to play EVE: War of Ascension until September 28th.
Q: Is this the end of the game?
A: No! We want to work on some complex changes that necessitate us bringing down the game. We’re committed to bringing you a new & improved version of EVE: War of Ascension in 2019.
Q: Will my progress in the game be maintained?
A: Unfortunately this is not possible given the extent of changes planned and the impact to game balance. When the game goes live again, we’ll have a Founder’s Pack waiting for you to celebrate your contribution to the initial testing of the game.
Q: What if I made a purchase?
A: All in-game purchases will be refunded in full. Refunds will be issued through the Google Play store to the payment method on file with Google Play. Please email us with any questions related to the refund process.
Q: When is the next version of EVE: War of Ascension planned to be released?
A: This date is to be determined and we will make an announcement about the new date as soon as possible.
Q: How can I stay current on developments for EVE: War of Ascension?
A: Follow us on social media to be the first to know about updated dates and follow developments within the game.
Q: Does the change with EVE: War of Ascension impact any other EVE titles?
A: EVE: War of Ascension is a stand alone game and does not impact any other EVE title or your progress within those games.